Dawn Aerospace



Dawn Aerospace, seated in both the Netherlands and New Zealand, is a space transportation company providing in-space satellite propulsion to its customers globally and developing a same-day reusable spaceplane.
Dawn’s propulsion technology often achieves superior performance to traditional hydrazine systems by using a unique, green-propellant combination; nitrous oxide and propylene. Having proven this technology on-orbit for both CubeSats and Small Satellites, Dawn propulsion systems have now flown on Vega, SpaceX and Soyuz launchers.
On August 26th, 2021, Dawn announced the commencement of flight testing of their suborbital Mk-II Aurora spaceplane. The company successfully flew the vehicle five times in three days from a conventional airport without exclusive air restrictions. The vehicle is a technology demonstrator for a one-day two-stage-to-orbit orbital launch vehicle for 250 kg payloads.