Slide ATLAS Advanced Design of High Entropy Alloys Based Materials for Space Propulsion

ATLAS The development of next generation space exploration propulsion systems requires high temperature materials able to guarantee low density, high strength and ductility, oxidation resistance, good creep properties.
High Entropy Alloys (HEA) are an excellent candidate due to their potential high specific strength and oxidation resistance at high temperatures and have been identified as possible replacement for superalloys in propulsion systems components.
The main goal of ATLAS is to take over the present limitations and unsolved issues that limit the utilization of HEA through multidisciplinary materials design framework that advances the state-of-the-art of High Entropy Alloys and related materials compounds towards the practical needs (current and future) of the space propulsion industry.
To achieve this ambitious result the following challenges will be addressed: definition of an accurate material property database, design of the HEA, definition of Hybrid/Compound solutions with combination of HEA materials joined to Ceramics and/or Ceramic Matric Composites (CMCs) to create lightweight and temperature resistant functional materials, manufacturing of near-net shape manufacturing and materials integration/joining with Ceramics and CMCs.
To produce the HEA materials and related compounds materials designed within the project two different additive manufacturing processes will be used from the production of coupons and samples to the final full-scale demonstration.


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