Exploitation Strategy in ATLAS

Exploitation Strategy summary

The dissemination and communication activities, as well as the B2B meetings, the surveys, and the discussion with the partners, allowed the drafting of some exploitation pathways that could be summarised as follows:

1) The case for high entropy alloys is relevant, also considering the increasing interest for hypersonic as a (sad) result of the Ukrainian war

2) The main actors in space and defence have expressed strong attention to the results of ATLAS, sometimes expressing perplexity about the TRL reached (at least for some part of the project)

3) To support an increase in TRL, public funding support (EU project, National Project, Space agencies project) is the shortest path, given the market sector of reference.

4) The possibility of spin-out is to be taken into consideration, although the business model is not too easy to implement due to possible capital costs.

5) IPRs will play a relevant role, especially for licencing to main stakeholders