TISICS Ltd is a UK based SME pioneering lighter, lower cost and faster production rate spacecraft and aircraft components using world-leading metal composite and net-shape manufacturing technologies. With pilot production facilities in Farnborough, UK and customers such as Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Thales Alenia Space, among others.

TISICS technology stems from three core capabilities:

  • Ceramic Fibre: TISICS manufactures continuous silicon carbide (SiC) mono-filaments, through a proprietary Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) process. TISICS is only one of two commercial suppliers worldwide with this capability and the only supplier outside the USA
  • Net Shape Fabrication: TISICS utilises Net-Shape, an additive manufacture process to form complex metal shapes with fully bonded joints, which typically cannot be achieved with conventional manufacturing processes.
  • Metal Composite: TISICS incorporates SiC fibre into titanium and aluminium alloys to produce Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs), enabling titanium composite that is stronger and stiffer than high strength steel and aluminium composite that exceeds the strength and stiffness of titanium, at 40% lower density.

TISICS is the only commercial producer of SiC fibre-based metal matrix composites worldwide and the only supplier with integrated raw material and composite manufacturing capability, providing Europe with strategic access to metal composite technology, as identified by the European Space Agency (ESA).

TISICS’ technologies have extensive applications for high-performance systems where strength, mass, corrosion resistance and temperature properties can be exploited. The materials and component technologies offer 30% weight savings in direct replacement parts and up to 70% weight saving where system designs can be optimised. Europe has a strong history in the technology and the core supply chain from raw materials to final products.